It's a Global Epidemic!
People around world are suffering from
"I-Have-To-Find-More-Income Syndrome"... "LowResponse-itis"... and
"Who-Can-I-Trust Disorder"...

But there IS a cure!

I'll show you how to finally figure it ALL out!
Everything you need to know and do easily in my exclusive "Total Net Success System". Your dreams of success are only a click away...

No experience needed! I'll show you the shortcuts to instant success!

The Net Marketing “Doc” is IN!

Hi, My name is Michael T. Glaspie, they call me Mike G. on the net. And I have made millions of dollars online. And, in fact, have been on the internet... practically since it's inception.

And - this is a bold statement - I have invented many of the things you see on the net. You know, strategies and systems for marketing, for selling anything.

It's gotten to the point today where if you are interested in learning how to make money on the internet you don't know where to turn. Probably every time you open your email you'll see offers from people trying to sell you stuff to teach you how to make money, or tools that you can use to make money, or programs you should join to make money, blah, blah, blah.

Well, you need to know that I probably give more stuff away than any other man or woman on the net. And I mean good, solid gold content material. I give it away. Free!

I don't need to sell it, I've been blessed with success on the net. Since 1999 I have literally helped hundreds of thousands of people claim their rightful share of the millions upon millions being made by average people working part-time online.

Are you suffering from any of these ailments?

  • Are you sick and tired of setting the alarm clock just to fight traffic to get to a J.O.B. that doesn't pay enough?...I have the cure!

  • Do you suffer from "too much month at the end of your money"? ...I've got the potion for that!

  • Are you tired of watching other people enjoy the finer things in life? ...I can cure this ailment!

  • Do you have a job that provides you with no satisfaction or fulfillment? In fact you might even hate it? ...I have the pill!

  • You want to have a successful internet marketing business, but don't know where or how to begin? ...I've got the perfect prescription for this!

  • You have or already are trying to market something online and you are just not getting the results you expected... or you deserve? ...I can make it all better!

  • You're bombarded with information overload and you don't know who to trust what to study, what to learn, where to begin? ...I know the cure-all!

I can cure all of these for you fast right now...

You can easily make $500-$950 extra cash per week starting now

You are welcome to Google my name, Michael T. Glaspie, Mike Glaspie, Mike G., and you'll see I'm not just another "Johnny-come-lately," I'm not just another net marketer. In fact... Network Marketers really do call me their "Secret Weapon."

And today, right now, I have a mind-blowing offer for you. And all you have to do is say "Yes". This is the information you must have,  it's crucial you have it if you desire Mega Success on the net.

"The Total Net Success System"
The PromoClinic Series

Actually "The PromoClinic" consists of several "booster shots" for your online success. Sure-fire and proven ways of making your site more responsive, more persuasive, more successful.

Don't have a site or idea yet?

Even if you don't have anything to sell, I'll show you where and exactly how to get started right now. And then grow your ideas into a steady weekly income.

Each installment is in a particular order for a reason - it is highly recommended you follow the order of presentation, whether you just click to watch/listen or download for future training.

Booster Shot #1

"The 6 Principles of Automatic
Behavior And How To Get Your
Prospects To Say 'Yes' "

I'll start you out with a very special CD I proudly call, "The 6 Principles of Automatic Behavior And How To Get Your Prospects To Say 'Yes' "

When you understand the psychology, don't worry, I'll explain it in a laid-back extremely easy-to-follow and comprehend style.

You will be able to employ these powerful psychological triggers at any website or promotion you undertake, yes, even in all of your advertising, not just at your landing page.

I will teach you how marketing is 10% mechanics, and 90% is how you think about your prospect and the internet. It's this 90% that is the most critical to your success.

In The 6 Principles of Automatic Behavior I promise you, you will learn how to think about the prospect, what motivates, them, why they take the short-cuts to making decisions about whether or not to do business with you, and how to in an ethical way, use these enormously powerful triggers to boost your success in any marketing strategy for anything you want to sell.

The value of "The 6 Principles of Automatic Behavior And How To Get Your Prospects To Say 'Yes' "... is $197, but it's included free in my exclusive "Total Net Success System"...

Booster Shot #2

"How To Cash In On The Net"

Next in the "The PromoClinic" Series is my CD, "How To Cash In On The Net" and this CD all by itself is loaded with practical advice all designed to do one thing... Get you started on the right track the first time.

Things like:

  • How to find and convince others to trade links with you, even if their site is many more times successful than yours. And the best kind of link and where to have it placed for maximum impact.

  • How to use opt-in email marketing and send your message to highly targeted and responsive lists, without spamming. I'll show you how to do this free also.

  • How to use sponsorship advertising in popular, targeted newsletters (ezines) to get your message to the right prospects every time, even this method can be done free.. I'll show you how.

  • How to create a powerful and effective banner FREE and have it shown for you across the Internet, again, FREE, limitless numbers of times.

  • Where and how to get a FREE merchant account set up for you. Start accepting credit card sales today!

  • How to (and why) you must set up your own 2-tier affiliate program!

  • How to get effortless FREE unlimited advertising - for life - simply incredible! 

The stand alone value of "How To Cash In On The Net"... is $97... but it's automatically included in your "Total Net Success System"...

Booster Shot #3

"Don't Shoot The Messenger"

Then, the next installment of my "The PromoClinic" Series is a new CD entitled, "Don't Shoot The Messenger." You see, once you think you know it all, once you think you have it all, there's one major component still missing and that's this.. The information contained on this powerful CD all by itself will teach you everything you need to know about advertising on the net, before you learn anything about advertising on the net.

I promise to open your mind's eye to new ways of thinking about advertising on the net before you do anything at all. You must have this material. Not only will you learn where to advertise to responsive hungry audiences, but more importantly - how to compel your prospects to say "yes"!

Advertising on the internet is unlike any other form of advertising. You need to understand the differences, and on this CD I share with you strategies and techniques which will give you a unfair advantage over all your competitors.

I promise you, you have never seen this material ever before. In fact, it doesn't matter how many different ads you've seen on the net, you've not seen what I teach unless of course you've seen my ads.

Regardless of what you are marketing!

My biggest clients, people who spend thousands of dollars a month taking me up on various advertising offers I have available have simply said, "Wow" once they have learned this material. It's that powerful. And, by the way, it's very sensitive and also highly effective. I ask you to use the information on this installment of the series in an ethical manner, it's that powerful.

"Don't Shoot The Messenger" is priced at $197 all by itself. it too is included automatically in your "Total Net Success System"...

Booster Shot #4

Power words you must use for maximum impact...

If you want to learn how to tap into into your prospects subconcious and push those highly persuasive "trigger points", you'll absolutely want to absorb the information on my CD, "Power Words"!

Whether you are emailing a sales letter, writing copy for your web site, developing an offline brochure, heck, even creating a yellow pages ad, you MUST use these 86 highly effective (almost unfair, really) words and phrases in all of your communications with your prospective customers. And more importantly, I'll teach you when to use them to practically force your prospect to act!

Special note: These are words you can and should use in your every day communication - they are life-changing!

"Power Words" has a retail value of $239 but its yours inside your "Total Net Success System"...


Booster Shot #5

"Master Copywriting Workshop"

I recently recorded my exclusive Master Copywriting Workshop, where I spilled my guts to a handful of my most elite students.... On this CD I'll teach you how to become a master copy-writer... it really is easy if you just know how.

I'll share with you, holding nothing back, the true secret formula I use to produce one successful sales letter after another, and I'll show you exactly and precisely what to do and how to use your new skills to grow any business.

Most people don't realize this, but their success in marketing any product, service, program, or opportunity is just one good sales letter away. Of the three most vital elements, things that you need to be successful in marketing online, the sales letter is king. Once you have a kick-butt sales letter, the other two critical elements you need will find you... I'll show you how this works.

On this powerful CD, I'll teach you completely:

  • Exactly and precisely which formula to use for your product, service, program, or opportunity.. and I'll give you both formulas I use... it's simple.

  • The ten motivators every sales letter must contain.

  • Exactly and precisely what items must be included in your sales copy... and why!

  • Where and how to check your sales message to ensure high deliverability and not get blocked by filters.

  • And so much more!

Having this skill which I learned by myself, and you can too, has enabled me to present my sales message for everything I have ever marketed to millions and millions of prospects.

Once you have the perfect copy, you'll be able to do the same! You will be on your way to instant net success!

My "Master Copywriting Workshop" is valued at $297... still hundreds below what others charge for this very specialized training... But it too is yours free in your "Total Net Success System"...

 Incredible Bonus
“The Unabashed Bribe”

To prove to you that I personally take your success seriously, I want you to have one more very special CD. You really must have it.

Listen... I charge $1,250 per hour for my consultation service, but when you own the Total Net Success System, I'll give you this special CD free.

If this doesn't convince you I'm the real deal, I'm not hiding behind a website address you can talk to me live anytime.

So, when you order, I'll automatically send you the link to download my newest CD, and I proudly call it, "I Have A Gift For You"...

So far thousands and thousands of people have already downloaded and listened to this remarkable CD on their computer, and my inbox is flooded with hundreds of positive comments! See what over TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND people now know that you don't!

I'm not selling you anything. There is not one sales pitch, not one URL that I ask you to go to to buy something on this free CD.

Come closer, listen up. I'm stepping forward to show you, to teach you, to share with you things you need to know about marketing on the net before you endeavor to market anything. Or, if you are already marketing online, things you need to know to get your mind's eye focused on what you should be doing - the how's and the why's. And the "I Have A Gift For You" CD is yours just for ordering the PromoClinic Series.


You risk nothing - zip, nada... all the risk is mine!

Listen, you can say "no" to this offer, that's up to you. You'll never need to buy advertising from me unless you want to. Not a problem. However, if you ever wanted to truly explore the possibilities of making money, extra money, or even full-time money on the net, you won't want to turn this down.

Because... it will cost you thousands of dollars and months or even years (and then maybe never) to fully learn what I will share with you through this incredible, life changing program.

 But before you decide, let me ask you an important question...

...You see, I want to make absolutely certain that you and I are on the same page, that you realize completely what I am trying to do for you.

So here's the question:

"What is the value of financial independence to you? In other words, what would it be worth to you to obtain complete and total financial independence?"

(I'm not hyping this, I'm dead serious)

Here's what I'm driving at. With my Total Net Success System, you are going to be light years ahead of your competition. You'll be kicking butt and literally taking names. Names of your customers, names of your prospects, names of your buyers, well, you get the idea!

So I want to do something really extra special for you. To give you a critical fast-start heads-up on practically everyone else on the net.

You see, over the years I've become friends and business partners with some of the biggest names on the internet. And a few months ago I made a very special, very private deal with several of them. I asked them to do something for me that few marketers in their right mind would ever do. I asked them to give me their best and favorite proven resources for marketing on the Internet Their very own special and secret resources that they each use to grow their own businesses.

And it's important you know these are not resources they own or operate. They are external to them. They are the favorite resources that my partners use every day to advertise and grow their own mega successful businesses.

People like Jane Mark, Phil Basten, Paul Darby, John Denton, and Rachel Long. They have all divulged their favorite resources for me and I'm going to give them to you as a very special added super leap-frog-ahead-of-all-the-competition bonus.

By the way, I'm going to give you my favorite resources also, and I promise you this.. In this golden rolodex of resources there are advertising methods for every budget. You can start small (I mean 'free'), move to low-cost, and then move into higher gear with more expensive advertising options at your own pace.

Let me be perfectly clear about this: In the world of trial and error, in the world of spending money to make money, each of us - myself included and my favorite partners - have spent tens of thousands of dollars testing various systems, sites, and methods to discover only a handful of these proven resources that really do work consistently.

And I'm going to give them to you.

I will put the link for this very private page in your welcome letter. You will have it immediately and you can begin using these here-to-now undivulged resources to promote any service, any product, any program, any opportunity you choose, right now.

You can use the things that I share with you to build your own net business from scratch. You'll know exactly where to go and how to get started. Or, to join any other program as an affiliate and earn commissions, big commissions selling other peoples products and let them deal with the headaches of business ownership.. All you need to do is run the ads and you can even use these strategies and powerful techniques I share with you freely to join any network marketing company you like and build a successful and dynamic downline of people working for you.

All together your "Total Net Success System" has a retail value of $1020. But not for you, not today... you get it all for a fraction of the real value! Why? Because I'm conducting a special marketing test.

"The Total Net Success System" normally sells for $147.97... visit the order form for YOUR rock-bottom price!

Click Here for even more exciting details about my upcoming infomercial and to order using our Secure Order Form


PS: Here is my no B.S., no hype, give-me-my-money-back guarantee: If anytime within 30 days after following my teachings, you are not making a minimum of $500-$950 extra cash weekly, or if you simply just change your mind, I'll give you your money back. All of it. I mean it. I only want you to have the success you want!


Here are just a few positively unsolicited comments from real people.

WOW!!!! That Guy really is amazing. Next time you meet him
please tell him that I strongly believe that the 'G' in Mike G is
for 'Genius.' :-) I have learned so much and it is all relevant material.

Another point that is extremely important to my is the fact that
I got a very strong sense of, 'Here is a Guy who is interested in
ME, his client,. not just in making a sale.'

Thank you so very much Mike. Sincere appreciation. The Universe will continue to reward you.

Rev. Errol Blackburn
Wealth Coach & Pastor

Hi Mike,

This is David Jaeger I want to thank you for your advice. 

It feels so good to know that i got some advice that could have cost me hundreds of dollars for next to nothing! I am just starting, and I am a student, so my budget is pretty small, and this is really a way for me to get high quality advice from a real master for a moderate price. Thanks again.

P.S. You can put this unsolicited testimonial on any of your sites. It would be my way of giving something back to you.

David Jaeger

Awesome credit card information

Hi Mike,

Don't Shoot the Messenger is Vintage Mike G. If you've never heard Mike G give a talk on a topic, you are missing one of the great teachers on the net.

I thought I knew about advertising inside and out until I listened to Dont Shoot the Messenger( twice) just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Learn how jury behavoir relates to advertising. What role does our social conditioning play in advertising? You are in for a lesson on branding, pay per click, exit pops, email advertising, spam, perceived spam and much more...

How Mike packed this into an hour tape, I haven't a clue, but this is well worth listening to at least twice.

Sit down, Relax, have a cup of coffee and be prepared to end up knowing where and how to start your next advertising campaign

Jane Mark

Blessings Mike,

I think it is fantastic what you put together, I truly apprieciate the amount of time and effort you used to collect such an incredible amount of valuable advice through multiple contacts and resources. Your systematic approach to online marketing is wonderful!

Ryan Richard

THANK YOU for the brilliant mp3 audios, which I listened to right away, and then saved to disks in order to listen again and again!

Mike Scott

I just listened to gift for you audio. It is great! your secret to success sounds really good advice too. I am amazed with the PIRT qualities you outline. I am encouraged and feel sure my site and goals contains them all.

My very new website is I was going to create or somehow get an e-book that I can give away so I can get peoples names etc. Your offer of a free downloadable sounds just great.


Just wanted to say thanks for an absolutely wonderful CD.

Not only did you have me smiling but actually clapping at the end. I'm still trying to get some clarity of direction etc. But without a doubt will keep your offer in mind. You make me realize how much I miss the "shakers and movers" in the United States.
Thanks also for the fast return e-mail.

Best regards,
Tom Rossetti (from the Land of Smiles)

Thank You for sharing one of your CDs with me. Very, Very Interesting and informative. I look forward to hearing from you. I am ready to make money and sponge your brain.


I just want to take this opportunity to THANK you for such an informative audio! I have watched numerous videos, listened to numerous audios and this by FAR has been the greatest! You have such a kind and sweet spirit about you, I felt an awesome sense of security just by being in your "Vocal" presence, WOW! I normally do not open emails such as yours because it's usually an X rated offer, but something told me to do it anyway, and I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am that I followed my gut feelings!
Thank you so much for this exciting opportunity..... I would LOVE to meet you one day!

God Bless You and Your Family Always!

Sylvia Jones

These Testimonials are very real and genuine. They were sent to me personally. I have hundreds like them on file and would welcome yours next, and would be delighted to publish it along with your URL in the future!

Here's what the Lawyers make me say.....


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